Schwaz is a city in the Austrian state of Tyrol. It is the administrative center of the Schwaz district. Schwaz is located in the lower Inn valley. Schwaz is one of the oldest cities in Europe and the buildings and streets with their medieval flair, as well as the numerous sights to see, get culture enthusiasts excited. The history of the city is influence by mining and ever since miners struck silver in the 15th century, Schwaz has been referred to as the "Silver City" of Tyrol. Schwaz lies in the middle Lower Inn Valley at an altitude of 545 m and is home to about 14,000 residents.

Schwaz is the district capital of the court district of the same name in Austria's Tyrol and is only about 30 km away from the state capital of Innsbruck. The Kellerjoch (2,344 m) is the local mountain of Schwaz and is a part of the Tux Alps. Not only is the picturesque natural landscapes very popular, but the historical old town is as well. The Kellerjoch ski area is only approx. 5 km away from the resort centre of Schwaz. Nature-lovers will enjoy breathtaking views of the Upper Inn Valley, as well as the surrounding mountains. With snow-covered forests throughout the region, Schwaz elevates your winter holiday to a whole new level. Furthermore, one of Tyrol's first lifts was built on the Kellerjoch, and the family-friendly ski area is pleased to enjoy ever-growing popularity with both the locals and tourists.

Numerous monuments, museums and festivities have made this city dedicated to culture. Thus, after the ski day, it is recommended a walk through the old center, with medieval charm and with the buildings from the peak period of silver mining. Also, to delve even deeper into the history of the resort, a visit to the "Silver Mine" Schwaz, emblematic for this wonderful city, is indicated. The twinning relationship between Satu Mare and Schwaz dates back to 2006, when the "Friendship Protocol" was signed between the two cities. The festive moment took place in Satu Mare, on May 27, 2006, the twinning document being signed by the mayors of the two cities, Dr. Hans Lintner and Mr. Iuliu Ilyes, inspired by the desire to expand and consolidate this collaborative relationship, in the European spirit.

This was followed by the signing of the same document, in German, in Schwaz, on June 2, 2007, by the two mayors, Dr. Hans Lintner and Iuliu Ilyes, in the presence of the two prefects Mark Hauptmann, of the Tyrol region, and Radu Bud, of Satu Mare County. At the beginning of the relations, the signing of the friendship protocol and then the twinning between the localities, the management of the “Kiwanis Schwaz” Clubs, respectively “Kiwanis Satu Mare”, but also those of Caritas organizations made an important contribution. Michael Khuen-Belasi, Deputy Mayor of the Austrian city and the owner of the hotel "Plankenhof", where the Satu Mare delegation was accommodated, proved to be not only a generous host, but also a friend and mentor, ready at any time to help and be useful to Satu Mare guests. The signing of the protocol in Schwaz on June 2, 2007, coincided with the beginning of the "Silbersommer Schwaz" - "Schwaz Silver Summer" holidays.

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