Uzhhorod is a city in western Ukraine, close to the border with Slovakia and Hungary. The city has a population of 112,447 inhabitants, according to  census data from 2017.

There is a constant interest in strengthening and developing economic, technical-scientific and cultural cooperation between the twin cities.

On the 4-th of May 2006, the former Mayor of Satu Mare, Mr. Iuliu Ilyés and the Mayor of Uzhhorod, Mr. Rátusnyák Sergei, signed a collaboration agreement between the local authorities of the two cities. This agreement provides that the twin cities express their interest in developing and expanding relations of collaboration and communication in the humanitarian, cultural and economic fields through coordination actions of common interest.

Through this partnership agreement, the twin cities support the provisions of the Charter of Europe on local government, as well as bilateral relations and contacts between civil, cultural and national associations, between representative groups for arts and creative activities, social institutions, sports and collective organizations, public educational institutions and health care, families and citizens of the two cities.

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